May 20, 2009


BA-K-47First, let me just say – I do not live by the words of Daniel Maurer (even if Grub street did link me  yesterday) – but his plea for us to part with bacon is now coming in loud and clear; and if I was at all skeptical before, I’m a strong believer now. Um, first case & point – BaconCamp. Now, if this was held anywhere near NYC, I might have attended. How can you not get down on a bunch of pork freaks creating eggs replocated out of raw bacon? I admire the dedication to any craft no matter how odd or off center (even if it is adding fuel to the bacon fire) …but then I came across the BACON AK47 and I just wouldn’t (couldn’t) justify the 8 hours this man took to create the thing. Weirdly enough he actually takes photos of him standing in the woods with the gun LIKE IT SHOOTS.

So, I have a couple of questions: is that bacon down to the core? Or is it just a gun they wrapped in bacon and blowtorched (is that even safe?) And if it is constructed out of !00% bacon – was an oven used?  Where is the oven it fit in (I’d imagine it was much larger when he constructed it – bacon shrinks people) and how many LBS. of bacon did it actually take to construct the thing?  I suppose if it took 8 hours, that means its bacon to the core – and if not, well, then I have no idea.

Listen, heres the thing, I’m an advocate for food related art and oddities but sometimes it just seems wasteful – with the BA-K-47 being a prime example. It cannot be eaten afterwards (and what a shame) –  so what do you do with it then? Dip it in silver and put it on the mantel?

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