May 16, 2009

Earlier this week Grub Street pointed out (along with meat business cards) a website where you can mix and order your own granola. Being a trail mix kinda snacker, and granola being close to trail mix – I decided to give it a try. Now, normally I buy trail mix from places like Trader Joe’s and find myself sorting through the bag and picking out the dried fruit that sucks OR I end up making my own “trail mix” and spending a million dollars doing it (nuts are expensive!) Now, A. I know that granola is not trail mix and B. that granola is not trail mix – but I think the granola is a nice addition (even if I’m yet to encounter any large pieces.) Anyways, A whole bag full of dried fruit, nuts and chocolate plus granola- where I liked EVERYTHING was pretty much irresistible. I ordered (basic organic granola starts at $4.99/lb – add on’s vary in price), I waited a couple days and poof here it is. Best of all, I got to name it – it comes with a list of ingredients and even a nutrition label. I’m not sure what you can make out from the photo’s above – but here’s the list of ingredients of what’s inside:  Banana chips, dried pineapple,apricots and cranberries, chocolate chips, peanut covered M&M’s, rice crispies, hazelnuts and almonds. As for the taste? Fresh, generous pieces (with the exception of the apricot) and obvious quality ingredients. As for ordering again? Not sure, I just found this.

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