For the indecisive ice cream eater in all of us, behold the best idea ever.

heinz 1

heinz 2

I went on a road trip last week and found this awesome 1984 Heinz Ketchup phone at an Antique Mall in Lubbock Texas. No, no no before you ask – I did not buy it…I mean, who the hell has a land line anymore?


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Soup & Ciggs

August 2, 2009




Burger 1

Burger 2

Oranger Juicer

tea & cake

Tea & Cake 2


Buttercream ring

buttercream ring 2
Domed Cake 1


Donuts 2


Mixer 1

Mixer 2



Smores 2

Pancake 1

Pancake 2



A bit too cute & kitschy? Yeah, maybe. But what it lacks in edge, it makes up for in detail, execution and uh (lets not overlook) fun. Available for sale at this Tennessee based artists Etsy Store, most of the handmade charms will run you between $15-20.

Is make this cup: 

Double insulated, durable, re-useable and freakishly identical to the throw away variety- it’s no surprise I haven’t been able to find one for weeks. They’ve been sold out at every Starbucks I’ve visited in the past month, are no longer available online and people on Ebay have been trying to sell them for $35.00 a cup (verse the ¬†original $12.95 price tag.) But today I found one (make that a dozen or so of them- grande size only) at my nearby Starfucks and now I never have to worry about drippy condensation ever again.